Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Something you don't want to skimp on

And today, in the world of Cat Door....

Me: So what else has been going on?

CD: Well, The Mrs. and I got another dog.

Me: Another freaking dog? Seriously, you guys are turning into people like cat people. You're going to end up with like 50 dogs and I'm going to see you on the news or something. Do I need to do an intervention?

CD: Naw, it was just this dog that we found out one of the neighbors down the street bought for his kid. The kid didn't like it and the guy has had it chained up outside on a 3-foot chain with some shitty doghouse for weeks now. I rode by there the other day and saw the dog, asked around about it, and then went up to the guy and flat out told him I'd take the dog from him if he didn't want him anymore.

Me: So is he nice? How is he getting along with the other dogs?

CD: He's doing pretty good except he freaking humps everything in sight. Puccini is sick and tired of being mounted all day long, so I'm taking him to get him fixed tomorrow.

Me: Oh, where are you taking him - to our vet?

CD: Are you kidding me? Do you know how much they want to charge to neuter a dog? It's $428. That's like $214 per ball. So I found another vet who is willing to do it cheaper.

Me: Well, how much do you think it should cost to neuter a dog?

CD: I don't know, but not $428.00. That's outrageous!

Me: Well, how much would you pay someone to cut your nuts off? Is $214 per nut enough? It just doesn't seem like something you should skimp on, ya know?

CD: Leave it to you to put it all in perspective, dammit.


Heather said...

OMG, As the Balls Turn!

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

I am with Cat Door - $450 bucks??? You get a whole dog from the pound for like $75, neutering included!

Builder Mama said...

Yeah, isn't it funny how expensive this "free" dog is?

The bad thing is my friend Robin told me there's a place here in town that does spay/neuter surgeries for $50. That's it. And anyone can use it, it just takes a few weeks to get your pet in there. I probably shouldn't tell Cat Door or he will want to hurdle himself off the top of the vet's office!