Thursday, February 07, 2008


The laptop is back. Don our IT guy delivered it before 9 AM this morning and I spent the rest of my day being super productive, as in sorting through about 200 emails and surfing the internet. I mean, if it wasn't for the internet I would have no freaking clue what is going on in the world.

I used to be a news hound. Read the New York Times every day, watch CNN, all that good stuff. When did this part of my life disappear? I mean, we actually get the local paper (which bites but we get it anyway) and we probably throw it away unread at least half of the week. It's embarrassing. But I just can't admit that I can't sit down and read the paper.

So after two days of not having my precious laptop at work - which is my prime time to catch up on world and national events - I pretty much spent the rest of my day playing catch-up. Who needs to work on change orders or billings when you get to read about the restraining order against Sam Lutfi? Or the results from Super Tuesday? Or the effects of cell phone usage on sperm production? See, I knew you'd agree.

In local events, it seems as though our fair city has been overrun with the flu and also strep throat. And, if you talk to the local doctors, they will tell you that this strain of flu isn't covered by the flu shots that were given this year. And this totally figures, since this year was only the second time in my entire life that I actually voluntarily got a flu shot. You see, Jay sent all of the Badasses emails back in October basically stating that since she was having a baby in November, we were all welcome to come visit and see the baby as long as we'd had a flu shot. At first, I thought she was insane...I mean, who actually emails all their friends and demands innoculations? But then when you think about it - with three kids living in the house, when one gets sick then all the others get sick and it can shut your house down for weeks. WEEKS. So maybe she isn't so insane after all.

Until Monday, when she texted me to see how I was feeling...I replied fine, that I didn't have the flu but definitely some kind of upper respiratory infection...and she texted me back to say, "I heard at the doctor that the flu shot this year doesn't work. FUCK!!!!!!" Yes, Miss I Never Cuss actually dropped the F-bomb. So obviously this news has been disturbing to a lot of people.

So in light of the fact that my head still feels like it's full of goo, I've elected not to participate in my YMCA training run this Saturday. And ya know, it seems to me that they've ramped up the distances pretty sharply considering I'm in the "novice" group which is described as "some walking, some running". This would be our 3rd Saturday and they want everyone in Novices to run 3 miles. That seems a little excessive considering the schedule they have us on only has us running 3 days a week and crosstraining 1 day. Or maybe I'm just a big, fat, goo-filled wuss. So I will be taking a bye this week and skipping out. And hoping that maybe, just maybe, my head will finally drain and I can breathe again and sleep without feeling like someone is putting a Black and Decker drill in my ears. That would be lovely.

I do, however, see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today I woke up feeling a little better. I put on one of my new shirts that is gray and sparkly. So at one point, I emailed one of my friends and proclaimed that yes, I must be feeling better because I had sparkly boobies today. And a sparkly boobie day is a great day.


g-man said...

Here here. Three cheers for sparkling boobies!!

Heather said...

Man, you didn't tell ME about sparkly boobies, I am SO jealous! Glad you are feeling better, hope that tomorrow not running does the trick.