Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The questionator

Monkey Man, bless his heart, has got to be the most talkative, question-asking child in the universe proper. No, seriously - if you think your kid asks a ton of questions, you haven't met Monkey Man the Questionator.

Tonight's question totally blew me away. Not because it was anything overwhelmingly intellectual, but more of a where the hell does this stuff come from?

"Mommy, I need to ask you a question. There's this singer guy that I saw on TV. Everybody knows this guy. And he wears this strange white suit. And his hair is all combed back. People dress up like him all the time. Who is he?"

I had no freaking clue what he was talking about. He repeated the above a few times and then finally I put two and two together.

Elvis. He was asking me who Elvis was. And how he knew anything about Elvis (because we are a decidedly Elvis-free household) is beyond me.

Sometimes it's a good thing to have him around, because it definitely clears the cobwebs out of my mind. Although sometimes a little quiet would be good.

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g-man said...

{sneared lip} Uhh huh, uhh huh, uh huh.