Saturday, December 01, 2007

The beginning of the month-long celebration of ME

Yeah, I kind of blew it with NaBloPoMo. It really wasn't my fault, though. I blame the shrimp I ate last night that had me doubled over with stomach cramps and running to the bathroom every 10 minutes like clockwork. Ehhhhh. And the WiFi doesn't work in the bathroom, so...there you go.

Today, though, is a new day. December 1st. The beginning of the month-long celebration of ME. Me, me, me.

Actually, it started yesterday. I went into Starbucks to get my usual and Velma greeted me with a "Happy Birthday! And someone already bought your drink today, so have a wonderful day!" When pressed, she admitted that Cat Door had already been there (before 7 AM! what the hell?) and bought my drink and also gave her a message to give me. But she wouldn't tell me what it was. So I called him - he was at the dentist - and when he called me back he said "I told her to tell you that you are old and high maintenance." Yes, I replied, but here's the thing - I will always be YOUNGER and HOTTER than you. That got him going. I think I hurt his wittle feelings. He'll get over it.

Tonight is The Dinner. Fourteen of our friends will be there - scratch that, make that thirteen since Pete found out this morning that he has strep throat. That sucks. Hopefully no one will be stricken before tomorrow...I should probably load up on amoxicillin and cold remedies before we go.

My dear, sweet husband - who is never able to keep a secret or a surprise, has already given me my birthday present. Keep in mind that my actual birthday is the 5th. It's a beautiful John Hardy bracelet with a black sapphire catch on it. Really beautiful and very ME. I think he's just happy to have dodged the Yurman bullet this time around.

So in a few hours, I'll zip off to try and find myself some new boots since my current ones (from the end of last year) look like hell. Then home to get dressed and find an outfit with the appropriate amount of boobage. And then off to get my drink on.


joansy said...

Happy Birthday month! And we needs pics of the bracelet!

Heather said...

I am with Joansy-pictures! Hope you have a great night (and find good boots).

g-man said...

Happy Birthday !! Fot the record I think you are way hotter than Cat Door!! Here is to boots and boobage!! Love ya!! Mean it.

Esmerelda said...

Happy Birthday!

Pictures of the jewels, please?!?

I've never met Cat Door, but I'm POSITIVE you're younger and HOTTER