Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Next year I will definitely increase my flexible spending account

I have already burned through my medical reimbursement account. Oh, like two months ago. Thanks, Dr. Greg! I'm only remotely bitter about having to pay totally out of pocket for all our meds and doctor visits for the rest of the year.

Today I'm home with a pathetic Monkey Man. We went to the urgent care this morning and he tested positive for strep, so obviously he's not going to school today. I wish I knew who the kid was in his class that he mentioned having strep last week so I could go TP and egg his house. Monkey Man has only had strep once or twice...remember, he likes to do the big stuff like staph infections, right?

I ended up having to drag the poor kid with me to the local grocery store because we have zero stuff in the house that would be soothing to a sore throat. Unless you count things like tortilla chips and sandpaper. And for some odd reason, Monkey Man almost threw up in the checkout line (imagine, if you will, me calmly asking the cashier for a plastic bag - the guy throws a paper towel at me and I'm like BAG, I NEED A PLASTIC BAG so he offers me a paper bag...always good to give someone who is throwing up...). This is like the third time he's almost thrown up in the checkout line, which I'm not sure if it means that I need to quit dragging him in there when he's sick or this is his testament to the ungodly high prices at this particular store. Whatever, they have great chicken salad so keep the barf in, okay?

Now he's parked on the couch with a bucket handy and a cup of apple juice and my pillow (of course, why infect daddy's pillow?). And this leaves me to do things around the house, or do pretty much nothing. I'm kind of wondering if I should go ahead and start taking some of my hoarded amoxicillin just to make sure I don't get strep either...I am notorious for getting it and I have big plans this weekend that I don't want to be sick for...argh.

So the weekend plans - a big birthday extravaganza for me at Fleming's. Me and Joey, David and Yvonne, Cat Door and the Mrs., and most of the Badasses. Things are going remotely well except for Candy, our resident pain-in-the-ass Badass who rarely goes to anything but when she does she feels the need to steamroller all over the plans, no matter who plans it or what the plans are. I am getting highly irritated over her antics lately but refuse to let it bother me but so much...honestly, she's one of what I consider the peripheral members and I honestly don't consider her a friend so to speak. So how did she get invited, you ask? Because she's a BA, and there was no way to exclude her without raising all kinds of ruckus. I am so not good at this whole political game thing, although Joey admits that I'm handling it a lot better than he would (which would be to issue a big F-U to Candy).

Ah, the drama. Anyway, I will be throwing some spaghetti and meatballs on the stove later on today and other than that, I might put up some Christmas stuff. Or not.


I am thankful that Monkey Man has had such a better year health-wise. This is the first major thing all year, knock on wood!


Mitzi Green said...

he's only sick to make you feel guilty for blogging about what a spoiled-ass kid he is. ;) they do that, you know...

g-man said...

What Mitzi said!

When is your birthday? Fuck candy! Post your phone number, I bet you wont be bored for long :)

Love ya. Mean it.