Monday, November 05, 2007

I am reveling in his brilliance

I'm keeping this short and sweet today. Not really feeling so great - I had an appointment to get my Mirena IUD put in this afternoon and it kind of threw me for a loop. I'd had a few cervical biopsies done about 16 years ago...funny how time blocks out how much it hurt, and the Mirena was pretty similar in terms of a.) crampiness and b.) feeling like you're going to hurl any second. I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow since the four Motrin that I took the hour prior to going aren't doing shit for me.
We had Monkey Man's parent/teacher conference today. High praise for the Monkey Man, who despite being the class comedian (where the hell he gets that from I have no clue) blew them out of the water on all his tests, surpassing the benchmarks they have set for the Fall and Spring as well. Not to mention she said that he's a good, good kid. Color me happy.

I love my little cheeseball, and I am one proud mama right now. I am so thankful for him that I can't even put it into words.


joansy said...

Damn that sounds painful. I hope you're feeling well soon.

And way to go MM!

g-man said...

Sucks to be your vagina right now.

Go MM!!!

Tree said...

I hope you are feeling better today. The one day will be worth it when you do not have to remember birth control.

Good job, Monkey Man! I knew you were a bright, sweet, funny boy.