Monday, November 26, 2007


Well, I had great intentions of blogging all weekend about all the fun I had with my family. Rufus, however, had other ideas.

So I ended up spending late Saturday night and most of the day yesterday steam cleaning our carpets. Blech. You can tell he still doesn't feel that great but I'm hoping we can avoid a trip to the vet if at all possible.

We hadn't had problems in so long and we were kind of scratching our heads trying to figure out what he possibly got into that made him sick. Until yesterday morning when he trotted right past the Invisible Fence line and out into the middle of the street. Duh, the collar battery is as dead as a doornail. So obviously he's been out partaking of all kinds of goodness of the wilderness like cat poop, trash, and who knows what else. And for how long.

Thank God I'm going back to work today. Hopefully I won't have to steam clean anyone else's poop out of the carpet at the office today.


I could say that I'm thankful for steam cleaners, but that seems a little trite. I'm thankful for all the fun I had over the holiday with my family - we don't get together nearly enough due to distance, but it's always great to be together.


Tanaya said...

Poor Rufus. I hope his belly is better and your carpets can catch a break.

g-man said...

Poor Rufus indeed. (Poor Liz too) I have a cooworker who has a dog story that has the phrase "And there was poo, EVERYWHERE!" so it could be worse. I hope you replaced the batteries!!!

Love ya! Mean it.

Gretchen said...


Hope you're done cleaning...

Mitzi Green said...

mmmm...corgi poo!