Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bitter, party of one

I am just in the worst mood tonight.

Monkey Man, deprived of his 2-hour daily nap for the past two days, has become a pouty puss. And I don't deal with Mr. Pouty Puss well at all, not to mention Joey cannot tolerate it one iota.

He got a lollipop out of his bookbag. Where, though, is the "good day" note that he's supposed to have with it? He's not sure. We searched every pocket of his bookbag, he isn't sure where the note is or even if he got one.

I asked him about the clothespin. This is the teacher's method of encouraging good behavior. They are supposed to wear their clothespin on their left sleeve. If she has to repeatedly reprimand them, she gets the clothespin and puts it on her own sleeve - but the offender gets chances to earn their clothespin back. All day keeping the clothespin gets you a treat and a good note. If the teacher has to take it, even if you earn it back you get jack shit.

So where, I ask, did the fucking lollipop come from? Has my kid already figured out how to pilch a lollipop?

And why, when I ask about if he kept the clothespin all day, does he look at me like he has no earthly idea what the hell I'm talking about?

It's the second day of school and I'm already emailing Mrs. Smith. This doesn't bode well.

Work is nuts. 'Nuff said. If Dave the punk doesn't quit bitching about everything in the world, I'm going to stick my fist down his throat.

Joey's work is even more nuts. It gives me ulcers to think about all the crap going on there, problems internally and with projects they're working on. Not any of MY projects, thank goodness.

My day off yesterday sucked. It really sucked. Monkey Man did great on his first day of school, but there was a teensy bit of Badass drama that really made the day bite hard. I was very disappointed and am trying to overlook it as just a fluke, but it's hard. It all seems very high school.

To cap off my craptastic day with a shit-filled cherry, I discovered that my dear husband, who never throws a damn thing away, managed to throw away the list of songs I wrote down in the Pimp Mobile this weekend that I heard on XM Radio and wanted to download off iTunes. They kicked ass. And now, I'm going to have to kick his. Do you realize how many piles of his shit sit around here that I never throw out because he might need them...well now, I feel like cleaning those piles off of his dresser. Using a flamethrower.

And no, I don't have my period.

And I'm tired. So tired. Why am I so freaking tired? Bleh.


The first day of school seemed to go pretty well. Well, other than finding out that there's a kid with a mohawk in his class. That scares me a little.

Ready to go!

Group hug at The World's Most Expensive Preschool's Before-School Program. That probably cost us like $68.

Get on the bus, Gus!

And of course, the first kid off the bus!

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joansy said...

Oh that sounds like one sucky day. Damn those badasses, it was supposed to be the perfect start of the school year. We do clothespins too - though without the prize at the end of the day. Any word from the teacher?

Maybe a trip to Las Vegas would help???