Thursday, August 09, 2007

Where's Builder Mama?

Um, I'm here.

It's been a little crazy this week, between trying to get my back straight (which I think I'm finally able to walk without looking like I'm a 90-year-old woman), swim lessons every night for Monkey Man, and just general BS.

And honestly, I have nothing to write about. Unless you want to hear more about my LEED debacle at work, which is totally taking over my conscience right now.

I guess on a good note, I'm not my sister - who arrived home from a week in Seattle to find the house completely full of dog poop. I mean the only rooms untouched I think were 3 of the bedrooms. Ew. Apparently at this juncture my parents decided to hit the road almost immediately and return to their calm, poop-free home. I think they had a good time visiting my brother Dave and his wife, Karen.

Oh, and I'm also working on doing a little project in the bedroom. No, not THAT kind although that would be high on my list. I'm looking for a new bedspread set for our room to replace the one we've had for eleven years. And that was a hand-me-down from who knows where. My biggest problem is fear of commitment - I am petrified to spend the bucks on something for fear I'll be tired of it, which to me is almost as bad as being stuck with the same ratty bedspread for yet another year. So I'm working on that.

So obviously, my life is just so exciting that I have needed to share every iota with you. But I promise, things will be looking up at the end of the week between the end of swimming lessons (hallelujah!) and a Badass outing on Saturday. Yup, things are looking up.


Tanaya said...

I'm glad your back is better! Check out Croscill bedding. They have tons of different styles and the quality is very nice. I paid some serious jingle for our king set three years ago. It still looks very nice despite owning 2 cats, a large hairy dog, a small child and a large hairy husband.

joansy said...

Does your sister have a dog?

Good luck with the projects & swim lessons & definitely good luck with the night out.

Mitzi Green said...

dave and karen? for real? those are my parents' names. are you my long-lost aunt?

Tree said...

OMGoodness. House full of dog poop? Why? UGH.

I thought you found a gorgeous cornflower blue set a year or more ago and bought it? Was I dreaming?? What color scheme / style do you like?