Thursday, July 26, 2007

Encumbered by idiots, we press onward

Tomorrow, I think, we depart for the Land that Time Forgot for Joey's 20-year high school reunion.

Shoot me now.

I went out about a month ago and found the perfect dress to wear. Black and cream, halter style, very cute. Pretty dressy, like you'd wear to a wedding.

It's perfect. For someone else's reunion.

Joey and I went to high schools that are about 40 minutes apart. Mine was the "country" high school but most of us at our 10-year reunion had gotten pretty good professional-level jobs. Everyone was decked out - suits, ties, fancy dresses. Well, Joey went to a "country" high school too, but he came from one of the most economically depressed counties in the state. You can tell by the pictures of his 10-year reunion - almost no one has a dress on, everyone has on pants and a blouse or the guys are wearing polo shirts and jeans or khakis. And now I'm kind of wishing that maybe he had shown me that website before, oh say, tonight.

So tomorrow, I'll be scrambling around and trying to find something a little more appropriate to wear. Like maybe a simple sundress or a skirt and blouse. Honestly, I don't know what the hell I'm going to wear. And maybe I'm being a little too hypersensitive, but I'd rather go and have a good time and meet some of these people than worry about looking snobby or whatever.

So there's the clothing crisis. Oh, and did I mention that I lost my favorite/only pair of brown dress sandals last weekend? Probably in some ugly groundhog-chasing incident. But those puppies are gone, and with that at least half of my wardrobe possibilities have disappeared along with them.

Anyhow, I'll report back before we leave. Wish me luck finding something, ANYTHING to wear. Dammit.


joansy said...

I can't wait for the stories upon your return. Good luck with finding that perfect outfit and go buy another pair of those shoes, dammit.

g-man said...

Show enough cleavage and no one is going to care what you are wearing. ;)