Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Now, the dilemma of how to follow after the Farting Preacher

You post a pile of crap. Little pieces and parts of stuff that's going on right now.


Lock up your daughters

Monkey Man has made his list of birthday party invitees. Five girls made the cut - two are Jen's girls Toothless Wonder and Panty-Wad Girl, one is a friend he's had since he was a baby, one is the Chuck E. Cheese party girl, and then one other little girl I don't know. So I asked him why he wanted to invite her, and you know what he said? "Because she's hot." Jesus, I am in soooo much trouble. He is just like his mother.


A milestone, or a sign of laziness?

Today we had our quarterly snoozefest, I mean meeting, at work. And I was surprised with an award for 10 years of service with my company with a small plaque and a $250 Amex gift card. Compared to the lovely gifts they gave out in past years (crystal vases, wine glasses with the company logo on them), I made out like a freaking bandit.

After the meeting, someone asked me for my secret for why I lasted so long with the company since almost none of the people that worked there when I was hired are still there. Well, I figure that five years' service means you haven't been able to find anything better yet. Ten years means you're too lazy to look for another job, and 15 years means you're brain dead.

Seriously, I've been working at this company longer than I've been married to Joey. Not sure what that says about me, but it does say that both the people I work with and the person I'm married to tend to tolerate a certain level of insanity. And I appreciate that.


Get out the checkbook or hand over your kidney

It's re-up time at tae kwan do. We ended up missing 8 weeks of lessons thanks to Tonsil Hell and at least the studio is willing to credit our account for those 8 weeks. But now they want to move Monkey Man into a "real" class for white belts - he will be studying with some adults but also kids his own age who are too mature for the little kid class. We're going for a tryout class tomorrow to see if he likes it.

The people at the studio are really nice. But damn, this means donating yet another kidney to sign up for more classes. I'm really not sure if it's worth all that. I consulted yesterday with my local martial arts expert Cat Door M (and I use the term "expert" loosely because, well, it is Cat Door M, but he studied and got black belts in at least 2 forms of martial arts when he was in the Marines) and he thinks that although the training isn't as pure as he would like, as long as Monkey Man likes taking classes then it's a good thing and we should continue it.

I will miss watching the little kid class, though. They are absolutely hysterical to watch. But I think Cat Door had a point when he said, "I think you just like taking him to that little kid class so you can make fun of them." As tempting as it is, I guess I'll have to find other sources of amusement while Monkey Man takes his classes. Like making fun of the instructors.


That's all, y'all. I am so freaking tired tonight from running late all day that I am about to collapse. Nighty-night!

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TxGambit said...

"Because she's hot!"

LOL! Watch out ladies. What a cutie.