Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And you thought yesterday's post was lame...

Well, another great day here at Builder Mama Headquarters. Too bad the heavy sarcasm in my voice can't really be translated through the written word.


He's not heavy, he's my boss

After stewing all night over Eeyore's e-mail to Joey, I decided to confer with my friend Robin to see what she thought I should do. See, Robin used to work with Eeyore for about 10 years before she came to work at our company - therefore, she knows him very well. Not to mention the fact that Robin is brutally honest and if she thinks I'm being a whiny pussy she'll be the first one to let me know.

Her advice? To talk to him and let him know that he was way out of line.

Anyone who works with me knows that the fact that Joey's company occasionally does work for my company can be a very sensitive subject. I've gone on more than one tirade over someone giving me shit because they're unhappy with something Joey's company has done. Hell, I made one of our toughest project managers cry one time I laid into him so hard. And honestly, I think it's very unprofessional to try and drag me into the middle of any work drama. We try to keep our business lives and our personal lives as separate as possible, which is a real challenge at times but it helps us keep our sanity intact. For the most part.

So I went into his office and told him that I'd seen the e-mail and that I didn't appreciate him trying to drag me into a conflict he was having with Joey's company. And of course, in his typical assholeish behavior as of late, he told me that I was overreacting, being overly sensitive, and couldn't take a joke.

Next thing you know, he'll be asking me if I have my period.

Just more evidence that it's time to move on. For real this time.


Get ready for the chip-eating, cookie-snarfing frenzy

Monkey Man was given his official "walking papers" by the ENT today, meaning he is back on a regular full diet including all of his favorite things like tortilla chips, Oreos, and Pringles.

Of course, this was after waiting for an hour in the waiting room. This irritates the living shit out of me - how is it that they end up so far behind schedule??? And I really felt bad for the couple with 1-year-old twin girls who had been waiting over an hour themselves while the girls were edging closer and closer to a meltdown. I seriously thought the mother's head was going to explode when after an hour she was told that there were four patients in front of her daughters.

The inside of Monkey Man's nose is still kind of funky - I suspect he's been Booger Mining again, but the doctor said we need to keep an eye on it and if it doesn't improve he's going to have to re-cauterize it. So what did I do, as candidate for Mother of the Year? Told Monkey Man that if he picked his nose any more that the doctor was going to burn the inside of his nose.

Not really proud of this, but really...ewww. Hopefully he won't end up in therapy over this.


The Thanksgiving Treaty of 2006 has been signed

Why does it seem that every major holiday involves negotiations that make NATO look like a bunch of amateurs?

We've finally reached a sort-of compromise involving Thanksgiving.

Everyone in my family is gathering at my parents' house this year since Dad can't travel. Apparently, my Idiot (Savant) Brother is coming from Seattle. His daughter is coming from Atlanta with a friend. My sister and her husband are going down there as well.

On the other hand, apparently my mother-in-law's family is meeting at the beach for Thanksgiving at someone's house. This would totally figure that instead of having the normal Thanksgiving at their house (which is 40 minutes from my parents' house), they would fuck up my life.

So, dependent on what time "dinner" is served, we may or may not go to the beach on Thanksgiving day. If "dinner" is late, we'll just stay here and go to a nice restaurant. I am NOT cooking for my in-laws' lazy asses. Just ask me about Christmas the year Monkey Man was born if you want to know why.

So...then we will head down to my parents' house on Friday morning and stay until Sunday. And stay in a hotel right up the road. This will be the first chance I've had to go see them in over a month.

So it all worked out. Sort of. I think.


Nighty-night. Off to give myself an oxygen peel.


Tanaya said...

I worked for a long time for a boss like Eeyore, but maybe worse. I cannot tell you how liberating it was to quit and the best things have happened to me (career wise) since I left. It was so bad, I quit before I had found another job, which goes completely against my nature. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find something good.

Mitzi Green said...

don't feel bad about what you said to MM--you were, after all, telling him the truth. "cauterize" sounds cool when you're 5. "burn your nose" does not.