Thursday, August 03, 2006

The living room debacle

Okay, I promised to post pictures of the living room and kitchen, so here they are:

And these would be the infamous Pottery Barn curtains. Along with the damn rods that I had so many problems getting straight.

Another window. And please ignore my rather large arse as I was trying to straighten up before the cleaning lady came. (Stop laughing, please.) And how do you like the lovely "TV hole" over our fireplace? I freaking hate that thing.

The kitchen curtains that I made. The longest sewing project in the history of mankind except for perhaps the dining room curtains I still haven't finished from our first house. And anyone that knows Joey - can you please tell him that these walls are just begging for paint? Please?

A sort of overall view of how it all turned out. New lamps, pictures, curtains...the only thing left is the chair and ottoman we ordered a few weeks ago. Oh damn, just realized I forgot to call the manufacturer and approve the sample they sent...oops. And by the way, yes - we do let Monkey Man play in the room, it's just all picked up and stashed away under that end table to the right because Reyna was coming today. He's allowed to bring down 1 box of toys at the time from his room, and when he wants new toys he has to pack the old ones up and exchange them for the new box. Believe me, this new system that my friend Mer suggested is the bomb - otherwise it looked like Toys R Us vomited right in my family room.

One small step. The next battle will be the kitchen - amazingly enough, Joey is willing to consider replacing the countertops versus me forcing him to paint. The man seriously hates to paint, can't you tell?


Christina000 said...

you and mer need to share this strategy of keeping toys out of the LR with me......we need help. The TRU vomit is still all over my house and the boy is 5!!!! Please tell me how you accomplished this.

tmrperry said...

You have a beautiful home, Liz!