Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Whatever you do, don't eat anything

Tonight was one of the rare nights that I handled bathtime for the Monkey Man. He loves to play in the tub, especially if he has bubbles in there. Usually I will either sit on the counter and listen to him playing, or I'm counting gray hairs and wrinkles while he's doing his thing. Tonight was a sit-on-the-counter night.

He was in one of his story-telling nights. One of his favorite things to do is act out stories using bath toys or his hands. Tonight, there was a common theme that just tickled me to no end:

Story #1: "Here is a turkey. And here is a snake. The turkey was eating seeds in the woods when suddenly the snake decided to bite him. CHOMP! And God got mad and made the snake into a turkey too. "

Story #2: "There was a man and there was a house. The man was hungry so he went into the house and ate all of the cookies in the house. When he left the house, the house turned into a monster and the monster decided to eat him. All of a sudden, Spider Man showed up and pushed the monster into the boiling hot lava."

Story #3: "There was a barn and a farmer who was tired and hungry. He went into the barn and found some yogurt and ate it all up. Then he left the barn and then the barn turned into a monster and the monster tried to eat him. Then Superman came and pushed the monster into the ocean."

The moral of the story? For God's sake, don't eat anything or it could have negative reprocussions of serious magnitude.

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Mrs. Wheezer said...

I love those stories!