Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another rockin' Rotary party

Joey joined one of the local Rotary clubs several years ago. At first I was pretty skeptical since the only Rotarian I knew was my friend Kelly’s stepdad up in New Jersey and I swear he was in with the Mafia and instead of going to weekly meetings he was really at Satriale’s hanging with Tony and the gang talking about who was going to get whacked this week.

What I discovered after meeting a lot of the people in Joey’s club is that they are really a great and funny group of people. I don’t think there is a single person in the club that doesn’t have a great sense of humor and they are always playing little practical jokes on each other.

Tonight was the Founder’s Night dinner, which is when they officially turn the reins over to the next year’s board members and they recognize people who made significant contributions to the club over the past year. I really wasn’t sure what to expect since the last party we went to was the Christmas Party that turned out to be totally the lamest party in the history of mankind. Put it to you this way – there’s nothing quite like watching a bunch of octogenarians rocking out on the dance floor to “Brick House”…you’re just perched on the edge of your seat waiting for one of them to fall and break a hip just so the party can mercifully end.

But tonight was different. We actually got to sit at a table with people under 50 and they were a very diverse and fun group. At one point I looked over at Joey and said, “Where the hell were all of these guys at the Christmas Party?” “Probably at a different party – a good party,” he whispered back.

It was a fun night. No “Brick House,” but fun all the same. And congratulations to Joey for becoming an officer and receiving a special award tonight. Not bad for a roofer.

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