Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wiped-out Wednesday

Ding dong, the auditor’s gone

Or at least almost gone. He came up with a list of questions for us that have to be answered before he can leave to head back to his home office. So far, we’ve been able to knock out about half of the questions before I had to leave for the day, so I’m hoping that Eeyore and I can wrap up the rest of them tomorrow morning so life can return back to normal.

And no, I haven’t had to go commando. Yet. It kind of depends on how bad the rest of his list gets….


Walking in my sleep

Monkey Man has had another bad bout of allergies. Last night he was up from midnight until around 1 AM, and then it was very difficult for everyone to get back to sleep. Joey took him in to see the doctor two days ago and they gave him yet another prescription for this great cough medicine with antihistimine and a little bit of narcotic in it to help him sleep. I’m kind of paranoid about it now, though, because this is the third time in three months we’ve gotten this same cough medicine and I don’t want the people at CVS to think we’re running a meth lab or anything out of our house.

It’s funny how you get used to not getting up with kids at night…it used to be that I could get up multiple times during the night and still function fairly well during the daytime. Now, getting up one time can potentially wreck me for days. I have become a total wuss in my old age.


Cleaning for the housekeeper

Every Wednesday night at our house is “Clean for the Housekeeper night”. For years, I did all of the housework and laundry and such. After Monkey Man was born and I realized how overwhelmed I was (let’s just say that after he was born, our bedroom was such a wreck that it would’ve made a great episode of Clean Sweep), I finally guilted Joey into agreeing that we could get a housekeeper.

Reyna is our angel. I found her through my sister and her friends, and she has been with our family for over four years. She dusts, vacuums, cleans the bathrooms, changes out the sheets and towels, and does our laundry for us. The laundry part really bugs my sister because Reyna doesn’t do her laundry, but I honestly think it’s because Reyna feels a little sorry for me…it’s pretty evident from looking around our house that I like things tidy while Joey is on the slobby side. It’s pretty funny because not only will she fold and hang the clean clothes, sometimes I’ll come home and find that my closet has been reorganized neatly for me. This is also bad because then I can’t find anything because my so-called “system” has been thrown out of whack, but that’s an inconvenience that I can live with.

I swear that if she ever leaves us, I will hurtle myself off of the tallest pile of laundry to my death in a pile of dustbunnies. So every Wednesday, I spend my night picking up everything and making sure it’s just right before she comes. Joey thinks I’m crazy, but I don’t care…I just don’t want to piss her off. And in all honesty, I think he would really miss the way she folds his undies into little neat squares.


When's the last time you heard this?

I was on the phone with my friend G. this afternoon discussing my latest woes with Joey's work schedule. I could hear the kids playing happily in the background, and then G. asked me to hold on a minute...and all I could hear her say was:

"Honey, please get the popsicle off my back."

A classic mom moment. It made my day.

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Mrs. Wheezer said...

I want a Reyna! Does she have a sister/cousin/etc. in Central Texas?