Friday, May 26, 2006

Just call me Little Miss Crabbypants

So much for well-laid plans. Remember me gloating about going to the beach with our friends for the weekend? Well, it ain’t happening. Turns out that we have a wedding to go to tomorrow, and then we thought maybe, just maybe, we could slip down to the beach on Saturday night. This was before we found out that our friends also invited all of their relatives to stay in the rental house too, so that would be at least 20 adults and who knows how many kids sharing a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom beach house. Um, thanks but no thanks.

I am seriously bummed about this. And thinking that I need to find a little rental place for us to go to this summer so we can get the hell away from the business for a few days before it eats us alive.

This wedding we’re going to tomorrow is scheduled for 12:45 PM. What the hell kind of time is that??? The other weird thing is that the invitation says “reception, dinner and dancing” and the bride called to ask if we wanted chicken or fish. So when exactly are we going to be getting this dinner, and when is all the other crap taking place? I certainly hope that they don’t think everyone is sticking around until 6 PM waiting on “dinner”…maybe it’s a big lunch? I am totally confused.

My friends, who know how bummed out I am about not being able to go, asked why we didn’t pull a no-show. Well, we can’t. It’s Joey’s assistant from the office, and she is also our #1 babysitter of choice. She is a wonderful girl – works full-time, studying for her master’s degree in finance at night, and is an all-around good person. I would feel worse about missing this wedding than any joy I would get out of doing something else.

I guess on a good note, maybe we’ll finally finish weeding the front landscaping bed, and I can work on the window treatments for our kitchen that I have been putting off for months now. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll just relax this weekend and enjoy having a few days that aren’t overprogrammed to the hilt….

I hate feeling in a funk like this. I did go treat myself to a manicure and pedicure today, which helped a little bit, but I feel like I am just destined for disappointment this weekend. Hopefully this isn't the case, because my feet look fabulous.

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