Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Beware of the Magic Finger

Tonight, we decided to grab a quick dinner at my (least) favorite place, Chick Fil A – mostly because it was over 95 degrees here today and I knew Monkey Man could burn some energy off in the germ-infested indoor play area.

He wolfed down his grilled chicken sandwich and proceeded to strip off his shoes and socks in preparation for the frenzy. Joey looked at him and said, “Buddy, let’s clean out your nose before you go in there, okay?”

The poor kid has had it really rough with allergies this year. We’ve been working with the doctors to get his allergy meds adjusted and I think it has definitely helped, but it seems like one or two bad high-allergen days and the kid has green snot coming out of every orifice of his head.

So in the spirit of good parenting, Joey started de-boogering Monkey Man with a napkin. Now, I am officially the chief booger-picker of the Builder Mama household, but I was still enjoying (read: choking on) my dinner and was initially spared from the joy of booger extraction….

Joey: Come here, boy – your nose is nasty. There is a huge booger stuck up in there.

Monkey Man: Ouch! Daddy, you’re hurting me with that scratchy napkin.

Joey: (digging away) It’s stuck. It won’t come out.

Me: Do you want me to try getting it out?

Monkey Man: (in a sing-song voice and wagging his index finger in the air) I could always use my Magic Finger!

That’s it. I am hereby relinquishing my title as Chief Booger-Picker. I don’t have a Magic Finger so I am clearly at a disadvantage.

So beware...if Monkey Man asks you to pull his finger, you might not get exactly what you were expecting….

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mothergoosemouse said...

I love Chik-Fil-A! I'll take MM there anytime. Just wipe his nose first, because I don't have a magic finger either.