Sunday, April 16, 2006

I think we're in deep shit, my dear friends

Monkey Man has been asking for the Yellow Power Ranger Mystic Force Speeder at least ten times a day for weeks now. He never really got into Power Rangers S.P.D. because his obsession is fairly recent and they started advertising what seemed like years in advance for the new Mystic Force series. He was on that like a duck on a junebug…suddenly he was eating, sleeping, and breathing Mystic Force which I found highly disturbing considering the series hadn’t even started yet. Now, if Jetix could show a series based on boys that can dress themselves and pick up their toys, I'd be very impressed.

I told Joey that I wanted to get the Mystic Speeder for Monkey Man as a little Easter gift…not to mention the fact that he has been so awesomely good lately that I just felt like he deserved a little special treat. As my typical luck would have it, Toys R Us didn’t have the yellow Mystic Speeder and of course the red one wouldn’t do. Monkey Man’s favorite color is yellow and no other color is even remotely acceptable when he gets his mind set to something. Envision if you will, a small cute child with flames shooting out of his mouth and laser beams for eyes. Red was just not going to do. So he picked this Titan Mega-something-or-other out and was happy as a clam. If you’re not familiar with the Mega-whatevers, the Power Rangers usually unite into one giant ass-kicking Mega-thing in each episode. Once the shows get popular, it’s almost impossible to find these stupid things so we ended up sucking it up and buying that for him instead.

Last night, as I was helping him out of the bathtub….

Monkey Man: I can’t wait to take my new Mega-Blah blah blah to show and tell at school, Mommy!

Me: But I thought that you weren’t allowed to bring Power Rangers to school because it’s against the rules?

Monkey Man: (grinning an evil little grin and speaking in a hushed voice) But my teachers will never know that the Power Rangers are hidden inside.

Oh yeah, we’re in deep shit. Soon it will be vodka-spiked Juicy Juice in his cups and joyrides on the lawnmower after we’ve gone to sleep at night.

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